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06 为何会优先选择备考?那个也是时常会问的,即使书面语能提的热门话题就所以多Q: Introduceyour reason for preparing the postgraduate exam.A:During the past four years, Ihave learned a lot of professional kn狂咬同族owledge and practical skills, butgradually, I realized it is not enough. In my opinion, further study isactually urgent for me to pursue and finally achieve self-value. Life isprecious, it is necessary to catch any opportunity for self-achievement,especially in the modern competitive society. Theref狂咬同族ore, I prefer to go on forfurther education, and moreover, I’ve been considering about going abroad tostudy in the future if chance permitting。




因此,我更愿意继续深造,而且,如果机狂咬同族会允许,我也在考虑将来出国留学07 对于你至今所取得的进步你是怎样看的?Q:How do you feel about your progress to date?A:I think I did pretty well as you can say from my education background and workinghistory. Academically, I received the highest exam scores in the class in anumber of courses, such as... , which helped me obtain schol狂咬同族arship many times.While working as an intern for the ... Company, I always try my best to do myjob whatever it is while committing to the highest performance as possible, soI received some of the highest evaluations that had been given in years. Iconsider my progress to date satisfying both in my ac狂咬同族ademic and career life andI’mdefinitely aiming to do better in the future.




我认为到目前为止我所取得的进步在我的学术和职业生活中都是令人满意的,我的目标是在未来做得更好根据每个人自身补充一些,然后花时间背熟08 介绍一下你的家乡Q:De狂咬同族scribe your hometown briefly.。


A:My hometown is Wuhan city, the capital city of Hubei province. It is famous for both its natural scenery and its cultural history. For example, cherry flower is blooming right now all the Wuhan city, and Wuhan University is one of the places to enjoy the beau狂咬同族ty. In addition, the Yangtze River and Yellow Crane Tower are two other samples of my hometown. Weather conditions are harsh in the winter and summer, but much more pleasant in spring and autumn.




09 你的爱好是甚么?Q: What are your hobbies?A1:Well, except for reading and exercising, I have no particular hobbies. Doing some physical exercises like jogging, playing ballgames can keep me fit and energetic for my everyday life.


A1译者:除了读书和锻炼,我没有甚么特别的爱好做一些体育锻炼,比如慢狂咬同族跑、打球可以让我保持健康,让我的日常生活充满活力A2:I love watching movies. And my favorite one is Three Idiots, a comedic Indian movie, which tells a story about three friends in the Imperial College of Engineering. And after watching this movie, you will further understand what attitudes you should have towards your futur狂咬同族e and how to deal with everything when you are confronted with confusion. So I like watching movies cause they can teach me something meaningful.。



10 当老师问的难题不会的时候如何提问面试书面语狂咬同族就怕气氛安静尴尬,只要开口,不要怕错面试书面语中,没听清难题的情况很常见大家遇到这种情况不用惊慌,可以大方请求面试官将难题重复一遍,例如:1、Excuse me, I cant quite follow you. Would you please say it again?。

2、Excuse me, could you please repeat what you have just said?3、Would you mind repeating your question?

Q:遇到不会的时候?A: Im really sorry that I cant give my answer right狂咬同族 now, but I think this question is worth my deep thinking after the interview, and I hope to have the opportunity to answer your question later.

译者:非常抱歉,我现在不能立马给出自己的提问,但是我觉得那个难题值得我面试之后深深的思考,希望之后有机会提问您的那个难题作 者 | 郭志龙编 辑 | 郭志龙校 对 | 郭志龙本文文本来源于公众号“徐绽英文”。