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长难句分析长难句对于提高英语阅读水平有着非常重要的作用,今天分享历年高考英语长难句100例,大家好好读一读,希望能提高你的阅读能力1. First put forward by the French mathema论文结构包括哪几个部分tician Pierre de Format in the seventeenth century, the theorem had baffled and beaten the finest mathematical minds, including a French woman scientist who made a major advance in working out the problem, and who had to dress like a man in order to be able to study at the Ecolab polytechnique.。




2. It is difficult to measure the quantity of paper used as a result of use of Internet-connected computers, although just about anyone who works in an of论文结构包括哪几个部分fice can tell you that when e-mail is introduced, the printers start working overtime. That is, the growing demand for paper in recent years is largely due to the increased use of the Internet.


由于因特网的使用,计算所使用的纸张的数量是很难的,然而几乎任何在办公室工作的人能告诉你,当引进电子邮件后,打印机就开始超时工作也就是说近年来人们对于纸张的日益需求主要是由于因特网越来越多的使用论文结构包括哪几个部分简析:夹杂较复杂的句型结构,关键词just about几乎;overtime超时地。


3. Perhaps the best sign of how computer and internet use pushes up demand for paper comes from the high-tech industry itself, which sees printing as one of its most promising new market.


或许,表明电脑及因特网使用促进人们对于纸张的需求的最好迹象源于高科技产业本身论文结构包括哪几个部分,印刷业被认为是高科技产业极有前景的新市场之一简析:夹杂较复杂的句型结构,关键词promising有前途的4. The action group has also found acceptable paper made from materials other than wood, such as agricultural waste.。


这个行动组也发现一种人们可接受的纸,制成这种纸的原料不是木料,而是农业废料简析:关键词other than而不是5. Mostly borrowed from English and Chinese, these ter论文结构包括哪几个部分ms are often changed into forms no longer understood by native speakers.。


这些术语,主要从英语和汉语引入,经常会变成不再被说本族语的人们理解的形式简析:关键词term术语6. It is one of many language books that are now flying off booksellers’ shelves.。


它是现在很畅销的许多外语书中的一本简析:比喻生动形象7. The mass media and government whi论文结构包括哪几个部分te papers play an important part in the spread of foreign words.。


大众传播媒介和政府白皮书(正式报告)在外国词传播过程中起重要作用简析:关键词the mass media and government white papers大众传播媒介和政府白皮书(正式报告)8.

Tales from Animal Hospital will delight all fans of the programme and anyone who was a lively interest in their pet, w论文结构包括哪几个部分hether it be a cat 、dog or snake!


Newton is shown as a gifted scientist with very human weaknesses who stood at the point in history where magic ended and science began.

牛顿被证明是一位很有才华的科学家,他处于一个魔术终结科学开启的历论文结构包括哪几个部分史时期,他也有普通人所特有的弱点简析:夹杂两个定语从句10. But for all the texts that are written, stored and sent electronically, a lot of them are still ending up on paper.。

但对于所有这些以电子手段记录,贮存及传递的文本而言,许多文本仍要(打印)在纸上简析:关键词text文本;end up最后成为(处于)11. With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can prov论文结构包括哪几个部分ide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence, according to Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) in salt Lake City.。

据盐湖城的ITA的观点,闪烁的棕色眼睛,摇着尾巴,并有无条件的爱心,狗能成为无判断力的(忠实的)听者,这是刚开始搞阅读的小孩所需要的简析:夹杂with构成的介词短语及过去分词短语12. The Salt Lake City public library is sold on the idea.。

这家论文结构包括哪几个部分盐湖城公共图书馆接受这个观点简析:关键词sell on (to)使接受13. Discovered by the Portuguese admiral of the same name in 1506, and settled in 1810, the island belongs to Great Britain and has a population of a few hundred.。

这个岛屿,于1506年被同名的葡萄牙上将发现,在1810年有人居住,现在属于英国,人口数有几百人简析:有两个过去分词短语作状语14. They had no connection with the out论文结构包括哪几个部分side world for more than a thousand years, giving them plenty of time to build more than 1000 huge stone figures, called moat, for which the island is most famous.。

他们已有一千多年与外界没有联系,这给他们充足的时间来修建1000多座巨大的石像,被称为莫艾,因为有这个东西这个岛屿极其出名简析:夹杂有现在分词短语,过去分词短语及定语从句15. Our parties are aimed for children 2 to 10 and 论文结构包括哪几个部分they’re very interactive and creative in that they build a sense of drama based on a subject.。

我们的(生日)聚会针对两到十岁的小孩,它们互动感强,富有创新,因为它们能基于一个主题构建一种戏剧的氛围简析:关键词aim for 针对;in that 在于16. The most important idea behind the kind of party planning described here is that it brings parents and children closer toget论文结构包括哪几个部分her.。

在这里叙述的这种筹备(生日)聚会的计划所带有的最重要的观点在于它能让父母和孩子的关系更加密切简析:夹杂过去分词短语及表语从句17. He had realized that the words: “one of six to eight” under the first picture in the book connected the hare in some way to Katherine of Aragon, the first of Henry VIII’s six wives.。

他曾认识到那本书里第一幅图画下面的那些词“一、六、八”在某些方面将这个野兔和阿拉甘的凯撒英,即论文结构包括哪几个部分亨利八世的六个妻子当中的第一个妻子,联系起来简析:夹杂宾语从句及过去分词短语18. Until one day he came across two stone crosses in Ampthill park and learnt that they had been built in her honor in 1773.。

直到有一天他在阿帕斯尔公园碰巧看见两个石制的十字架,他才懂得在1773年修建这两个十字架是为了向她表示敬意简析:关键词come across碰巧遇见,in one’s honor纪念某人19. It is Sue Townsend’s musical play, base论文结构包括哪几个部分d on her best-selling book.。

它是苏珊·汤森德的音乐剧本,根据她畅销的小说改编的简析:关键词best-selling 畅销的20. Gold is one of a growing number of shoppers buying into the organic trend, and supermarkets across Britain are counting on more like him as they grow their organic food business.。

戈德是对有机食品感兴趣众多购买者当中的一位,遍及英国的超市依赖更多像他那样的购买者,论文结构包括哪几个部分因为他们要增加有机食品生意简析:关键词count on 依赖21. Supporters of underground development say that building down rather than building up is a good way to use the earth’s space.。

地下发展的支持者说在地下搞建筑而不是在地上搞建筑是一种利用地球空间的办法简析:关键词rather than 而不是22. Those who could were likely to name a woman.。

那些能够说出好朋友名字的单身男人,很有可能说出一个女人的名字简析:省略论文结构包括哪几个部分句who could (name a best friend )承前省23. In general, women’s friendships with each other rest on shared emotions and support, but men’s relationships are marked by shared activities.。

一般来说,女人相互的友谊基于相互分享情感和支持,但男人间的关系以共同参与社会活动为特征简析:关键词rest on 依靠24. For the most part, interactions between men are emotiona论文结构包括哪几个部分lly controlled—a good fit with the social requirements of“manly behavior”.。

就大部分而言,男人间的交往在感情上受控制,这与“男子汉气概” 的社会要求是相符合的简析:关键词for the most part就大部分而言25. Whereas a woman’s closest female friend might be the first to tell her to leave a failing marriage, it wasn’t unusual to hear a man say he didn’t know 论文结构包括哪几个部分his friend’s marriage was in serious trouble until he appeared one night asking if he could sleep on the sofa.。

一个女人最亲密的女性朋友可能是第一个告诉她离开一次失败的婚姻;而听见一个男人说直到他的朋友一天晚上问他是否可以睡在他家的沙发上他才知道他朋友的婚姻已非常糟糕,这是很平常的简析:夹杂多种语法结构not unusual=usual; not…until…,直到…才…。

26. Before 1066, in the land we now call Great Britain li论文结构包括哪几个部分ved peoples belonging to two major language groups.

1066年以前,在我们现在称为英国的土地上,住着属于两个主要语种的民族简析:倒装句,并含有定语从句及分词短语27. If this state of affairs had lasted, English today would be close to German.。

如果这种情况延续下去的话,那么今天的英语将和德语很相近简析:含虚拟语气28. We even have different word for some foods, meat in particular, depending o论文结构包括哪几个部分n whether it is still out in the fields or at home ready to be cooked, which Shows the fact that the Saxon peasants were doing the farming. while the upper-class Normans were doing most of the eating.。

我们甚至对某些食物有不同的单词,特别是肉类,取决于它是长在田野里,还是在家里准备煮着吃,这就表明一个事实,即萨克森农民在农田干活,而上层阶级的诺曼人在大吃大喝简析:含对比29. When Ameri论文结构包括哪几个部分cans visit Europe for the first time, they usually find Germany more “Foreign” than France because the German they see on signs and ads seems much more different from English than French does.。

当美国人第一次游览欧洲时,他们通常发现德国比法国对他们来说更加“陌生”,因为他们在标牌和广告上看到的德语,比起法语更加不同于英语简析:含比较级句型结构30. Some companies have made the论文结构包括哪几个部分 manufacturing of clean and safe products their main selling point and emphasize it in their advertising.。

一些公司已经把洁净安全产品的生产当作他们主要的销售关键,并且在他们的广告宣传中强调这一点简析:make后接宾语和补足语31. After their stay, all visitors receive a survival certificate recording their success, that is, when guests leave the igloo hotel t论文结构包括哪几个部分hey will receive a paper stating that they have had a taste of adventure.。

在他们逗留之后,所有的游客都会收到一份生存证明记录他们的成功,也就是说当游客离开小冰屋旅馆时,他们会得到一份证明,表明他们曾尝试过冒险简析:含两个分词短语,关键词state表明32. The major market force rests in the growing population of white-collar employees, who can afford the new service, in other words, Shan论文结构包括哪几个部分ghai’s car rental industry is growing so fast mainly due to the increasing number of white-collar employees.。

主要的市场因素取决于白领工人的人数增加,这些人付得起这种新型服务,换句话说,上海的汽车出租行业发展如此快,主要因为白领工人人数的增加简析:关键词rest in 依赖33. That you won’t be for long means it won’t be long before you’ll have to recycle your rubbish.。

你不会等很长时间意味着论文结构包括哪几个部分过不了多久你就会回收你的垃圾简析:夹杂主语从句及宾语从句34. These words, I have just made up, have to stand for thing and ideas that we simply can’t think of.。

这些词,是我编造的,只是代表我们不能想到的事物和观念简析:关键词make up 编造35. Picturing(Imagining) the future will serve the interests of the present and future generations.。

设想未来有益于现在和将来的几代人简析:关键词pictu论文结构包括哪几个部分re活用为动词想象,设想36. Decision thinking is not unlike poker — it often matters not only what you think, but also what others think you think and what you think they think you think.。

做决策像打扑克牌,起作用的不但是你怎么想的,还包括别人对你的想法是怎么看的以及你对别人的看法是如何考虑的简析:含较复杂的句型结构not unlike=like not only…but also…不仅…而且…。

37. The easy way ou论文结构包括哪几个部分t isn’t always easiest.解决问题容易的办法并非总是最容易的简析:关键词the way out 解决问题的办法38. The hot sun had caused the dough (面团) to double in size and the fermenting yeast(酵母) made the surface shake and sigh as though it were breathing and it looked like some unknown being from outer space.。

炙热的太阳导致面团面积加倍,酵母使面团的表面摆晃叹息,似乎它论文结构包括哪几个部分在呼吸,它看上去像某种来自外部空间的无名生物简析:比喻形象生动39. After all, what lively children wouldn’t settle for spending only half the day doing ordinary school work, and acting, singing or dancing their way through the other half of the day?。

毕竟,难道这些活泼可爱的孩子们不满足于半天搞普通教育的文化课,半天搞表演、唱歌、舞蹈等舞台训练吗?简析:反问句式,语气强烈40. Dad, in a hurry t论文结构包括哪几个部分o get home before dark so he could go for a run, had forgotten wear his safety belt—a mistake 75% of the US population make every day.。

爸爸,急匆匆地在天黑之前赶回家,以便他能出去跑步,却忘记系安全带—这是75%的美国人每天犯的一个错误简析:关键词for a run去跑步41. The summit was to mark the 25th anniversary(周年)of president Nixon’s journey to China, which w论文结构包括哪几个部分as the turning point in China-US relations.。

这次高峰会是为了纪念尼克松总统访华25周年,尼克松访华是中美关系的转折点简析:关键词mark 纪念42. Many of the problems are of college level and these pupils can figure them out.。

很多问题是大学水平,这些小学生能够解答出来简析:关键词be of college level 大学水平,figure out解决,解答43. Rising through the roof is the Tower of the Sun, ins论文结构包括哪几个部分ide Which stands a 160- –foot –tall Tree of Life.。

穿过屋顶矗立着太阳之塔,在里面有一棵160英尺高的生命之树简析:含有两个倒装句44. The present question is that many people consider impossible what is really possible if effort is made.。

目前的问题是,很多人把其实只要付诸努力就能做到的事情看成是做不到的简析:consider后的宾语后置45. Ill and suffering as she was after the inhuman pu论文结构包括哪几个部分nishment, she yet remained so cheerful and confident, eager to devote the little strength left to her to helping the other comrades.。

她受过重罚,而且有病,可她却这样愉快,这样充满了信心,这样用尽她所剩的力量来帮助其他同志简析:含有让步状语从句及形容词短语作状语46. Freed from TV, forced to find their own activities, they might take a ride together to watch the su论文结构包括哪几个部分nset.。

如果他们从电视中的束缚中解脱出来,不得不自己安排活动,他们可能会全家驱车去看日落简析:含有两个过去分词短语47. I went around to the front of the house, sat down on the steps, and, the crying over, I ached, And my father must have hurt, too, a little.。

我绕到房子的前面,坐在台阶上,哭了一阵之后,我感到阵阵心痛,我的父亲心里肯定也有一点不好受简析:动作描写,情真意切48. It covered the whole distance from b论文结构包括哪几个部分roken –hearted misery to bursting happiness—too fast.。

先是令人心碎的痛苦,继而是极度的喜悦,从一个极端到另一个极端—变换得实在太快了简析:比喻形象生动49. Still, he could not help thinking that if anything should happen, the nearest person he contact by radio, unless there was a ship nearby, would be on an island 885 miles away.。

他禁不住寻思起来,要是果真有什么意外论文结构包括哪几个部分,除非附近有条船,他用无线电能联系上的最近的人远在885英里以外的岛上简析:含虚拟语气50. After all, eighty was a special birthday, another decade lived or endured, just as you choose to look at it.。

八十大寿,毕竟非同一般,不管怎么说你又活了十年,或者说熬了十年,是活还是熬,全在于你怎么看了简析:关键词endure (stand; bear; put up with)忍受51. News reports say peace talks between the two countrie论文结构包括哪几个部分s have broken down with no agreement reached.。

新闻报道说这两个国家的和平谈判失败,没有达成协议简析:关键词break down失败,reach an agreement达成协议52. The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once have they quarreled with each other.。

这对老年夫妇结婚40年了,两人从来没有一次争吵简析:含主谓倒装句53. After all, Ed’s idea of exercise has always been no论文结构包括哪几个部分thing more effort-making than lifting a fork to his mouth.。

要记住的是,伊德搞锻炼的想法根本没有进餐使用刀叉那么费力简析:含比较级句型54. As a result , at the point in our game when I’d have figured on (predicted) the score to be about 9 to 1 in my favor , it was instead 7 to 9 — and Ed was leading.。

就在我们比赛之前,我曾预料这场比赛对我有利,比分大概是9比1,结果比分反而论文结构包括哪几个部分是7比9,伊德暂时领先简析:关键词figure on预计,估计;in one’s favor对某人有利55. So when Ed arrived for our game not only with the bottom of his shirt gathered inside his trousers but also with a stomach you could hardly notice, I was so surprised that I was speechless, my cousin must have made an effort to get himself into 论文结构包括哪几个部分shape.。

因此当伊德来参加我们的比赛时,我发现他不仅将衬衫的底部扎进裤里,而且几乎注意不到他的肚子,我感到很惊奇,以致无话可说,我的表弟过去一定努力把自己训练好,保持很好的竞技状态简析:含有not only…but also…及so…that…的句型结构,must have P.P表示对过去事实的推测。

56. In a way , I think we both won : I the game , but cousin Ed my respect.在一定程度上,我认为我们都赢了,我赢得了这次比赛,伊德表弟赢得了我的尊重。

简析:承前省略谓语动词won57. It is said in Au论文结构包括哪几个部分stralia there is more land than the government knows what to do with it.。

据说在澳大利亚土地太多以致政府不知道怎么去处理简析:含比较级句型58. The research is so designed that once begun nothing can be done to change it.。

这项研究设计得如此好以致一旦开始任何事都不可能改变它简析:夹杂过去分词短语once begun59. The mother didn’t know who to blame for the broken glass as it论文结构包括哪几个部分 happened while she was out.。

妈妈不知道谁应该受责备,因为打破玻璃这件事是她不在家里的时候发生的简析:关键词be to blame受责备60. When I was in the army I received an intelligence test that all soldiers took, and , against an average of 100 , scored 160.。

当我在军队服役时,我曾接受过所有战士都参加的智力测试,与平均分100分相比,我得了160分简析:关键词against 与…相比较61. We didn’t plan our ar论文结构包括哪几个部分t exhibition like that but it worked out very well.。

我们原不是那样计划艺术展览的,但出来的结果却很好简析:关键词work out 结果是……62. The home improvements have taken what little there is of my spare time.。

房子装修花费我的闲暇时间不多简析:句型结构little of的用法,例We see very little of our children (we do not see them often) now that they are grown up.孩子们已论文结构包括哪几个部分经长大了,所以我们现在很少见到他们。

63. Having suffered such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river.这条河流已经遭受很重的污染,现在要清理为时太晚。

简析:含too…to…句型及现在分词的完成式64. Most believe the footprints are nothing more than ordinary animal tracks , which had been made larger as they melted and refroze in the s论文结构包括哪几个部分now.。

大多数人相信这些脚印只是普通动物的足迹,这些足迹由于在雪里融化再结冰而变大了简析:关键词nothing more than only65. But if they ever succeed in catching one, they may face a real problem: would they put it in a zoo or give it a room in a hotel?。

但若他们真的抓住一个“雪人”的话,那么他们可能面临一个现实问题:他们会把它放进动物园,还是在一个旅馆里给它一个房间呢?简析:含选择疑问句型66. With production up by 6论文结构包括哪几个部分0%, the company has had another excellent year.。

产量增长了60%,公司又经历了一个极好的年头简析:含with构成的介词短语67. The WTO cannot live up to its name if it dose not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.。

世贸组织如果没有一个占世界五分之一人口的大国加入的话,那么它就不能名副其实简析:关键词live up to one’s name 名副其实68. It is the ability to do the job 论文结构包括哪几个部分that matters not where you come from or what you are.。

重要的是你做这件工作的能力,而不是你来自什么地方,或是你是什么身份简析:强调句型It is +强调部分+that / who+从句69. How could I ever get him to finish unloading the car without screaming at me and making a scene in front of the other girls, who I would have to spend the rest of the year with?论文结构包括哪几个部分

我怎么才能让父亲卸完车上的行李而不向我大喊大叫,在其他女孩子面前出洋相呢?我还要和这些女孩一起度过以后的日子简析:关键词make a scene 大吵大闹,出洋相70. Dad’s face turned decidedly less red before he could bring out a “yes”.。

父亲在说出一声“是”之前,脸终于没有先前那么红了简析:迂回表达,心情如释重负71. Soon I heard a sound like that of a door burst in , and then a climb of feet.。

很快我听到好象是门被撞进的声音,接着是一阵上论文结构包括哪几个部分楼的脚步声简析:that替代前而的sound72. Father took the still smoking pistol from my hand, and fired another shot, which killed the gorilla.。

爸爸从我手里拿起那只仍冒烟的枪,又开了一枪,这才杀死了那只大猩猩简析:关键词fire another shot 又开了一枪73. It happened that father had sent us upstairs because he thought he would be able to lock the door—which was 论文结构包括哪几个部分twenty feet away—before the animal reached it.。

事情发生是这样的,爸爸先把我们送上楼,因为他原以为他能够在那个动物赶到之前(距离20英尺远)将门锁上简析:句型结构It happened that…事情发生是这样的…74. He certainly looked the part all right, he thought, as he admired himself in the mirror.。

当他在镜子前自我欣赏时,他想他当然看上去很适合那个角色简析:关键词all right确实,无疑75. He put his head in his han论文结构包括哪几个部分ds and tried to remember his lines, but nothing came to his mind.。

他抱着头,尽力的想台词,但什么也想不起来简析:迂回表达nothing came to his mind=He remembered nothing.76. In fact the more he watched the play, the more he felt himself part of it.。

实际上,他越是观看这台戏剧,他越是认为自己已进入角色简析:句型结构the more…the more…越…越…77. Instead she took a sho论文结构包括哪几个部分rt walk in a park nearby and came home, letting herself in through the back door.。

反而,她在附近公园散步一会儿就回到家,她经过后门让自己进去的简析:分词短语letting herself in 作状语78. She settled down to wait and see what would happen.。

她静下心来等,看会发生什么事简析:关键词settle down to do sth 静下心来做…79. Picking up the kettle of boiling water, she moved q论文结构包括哪几个部分uietly towards the door.。

她拿起那个装着开水的壶,悄悄地向门移动简析:现在分词短语作伴随状语80. A sharp cry was heard outside as the wire fell to the floor and the hand was pulled back, which was followed by the sound of running feet.。

当那根铁丝掉在地上,哪只手缩回时,外面传来尖叫声,接着是逃跑的声音简析:三处被动语态间接描述小偷遭到的惩罚81. It wasn’t long before the police caught th论文结构包括哪几个部分e thief.。

很快警察抓住了那个小偷简析:句型结构It wasn’t long before+从句,很快就…82. Then, I noticed a tall man by the door, carrying something covered with brown paper.。

接着,我注意到门旁一个高个子男人,拿着用棕色纸遮盖着的某种东西简析:含两个分词短语83. Turning to my next customer, I was terrified to see a gun stuck out of his coat.。

转向下一个顾客,看见一杆枪从他的外套伸出来,我非常恐惧简析论文结构包括哪几个部分:过去分词短语作to see的宾补84. “Smith!” the manager cried out in a voice like thunder “None of your excuses! Go start work at once! ”。

“史密斯!”经理用象雷一样的声音大喊,“你不要找借口!给我立即开始工作”简析:口语化的语言85. Waiting above the crowded streets, on top of a building 110 stories high, was Philippe Pettit.。

菲力浦帕底特在110层高的建筑物上,人群拥挤的大街上空等候简析:论文结构包括哪几个部分含倒装句型及分词用法86. Philippe took his first step with great care. The wire held Now he was sure he could do it.。

菲力浦非常小心地迈开第一步,钢丝绳承受住了,现在他确信他可以走钢丝了简析:关键词hold (vi) 承受87. And thousands of terrified(badly frightened)watchers stared with their hearts beating fast.。

成千上万感到很害怕的观众盯着看,他们的心跳很快简析:含with构成的介词短语88. Alre论文结构包括哪几个部分ady she does many things a human being can do.她已经会做一个人能做的许多事情。

简析:含定语从句89. She even enjoys watching television before going to bed.她甚至喜欢在上床睡觉前看电视简析:含两个动名词90. The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.。

衡量一个人真正品质的标准是看如果他知道他不会被别人发现的情况下他会做些什么事简析:表语从句论文结构包括哪几个部分中还含有虚拟语气91. Thirty years after being introduced to McCauley’s words, they still seem to me the best yardstick(准绳), because they give us a way to measure ourselves rather than others.。

在我知道玛考雷名言三十年后,它对我来说仍是最好的人生准则,因为这句名言给我们提供了一种衡量我们自己而不是他人的方法简析:关键词introduce引见,例:Let me introduce you to the pleasures of论文结构包括哪几个部分 wine-tasting让我给你说说品酒的乐趣。

92. Few of us are asked to make great decisions about nations going to war or armies going to battle, but all of us are called upon daily to make a great many personal decisions.

我们当中很少有人被要求作出关于国家进行战争,军队进行战斗的重大决定,但我们每天都要求作出很多个人的决定简析:含动名词的所有格形式93. Here’s a fellow who just walk论文结构包括哪几个部分s into a bank and helps himself to so much money.。

有一个家伙,就这样走进一家银行,擅自拿走这么多钱简析:help oneself to擅自拿走94. Todd thought of the difficulty with which he managed to get the amount of money he needed to start his gas station.。

托德想起自己的难处,他曾设法搞一大笔钱,他需要这笔钱来开办他的加油站简析:夹杂两个定语从句95. Don’t pick up strangers and all you论文结构包括哪几个部分r folks in gas stations better not do service to a white Ford car.。

不要搭载陌生人,加油站所有的工作人员最好不要为一辆白色福特牌小汽车服务简析:关键词folks,加油站的工作人员96. “Fill her up”, the man said sounding like any other driver.。

“给车加油”那个男人说,听起来(这个劫匪)就好像是其他任何一名司机简析:关键词sound like 听起来像…97. It seemed that there was no suitable work for him.。

看来对他论文结构包括哪几个部分来说没有合适的工作简析:关键词suitable适合的98. But when John and his fellow soldier came in sight some of the people watching couldn’t help laughing at the one who couldn’t keep pace with the others as they march along.。

但当约翰和他的战友们出现时,一些观看的人们禁不住嘲笑那个在行进中不能同步的那个人(约翰)简析:句子结构较复杂,关键词keep pace with 与…步伐一致99. They not only 论文结构包括哪几个部分make it difficult to sleep at night, but they are doing damage to our houses and shops of historical interest.。

他们不仅使人们在晚上睡觉困难,而且他们损害我们历史名胜的房子和商店简析:句型结构not only…but (also) …不仅…而且…100. Hary also studying biology said they wanted to make as much noise as possible to force the government officials to re论文结构包括哪几个部分alize what everybody was having to stand.。

也攻读生物学的哈利说他们要制造尽可能大的噪音来迫使政府官员们认识到大家正不得不忍受的东西。简析:句型结构as...as possible尽可能地……